The Internet Is Changing - Are You Ready?

The Internet is growing at an astonishing pace. Online technology is changing so fast these days that about the only thing that has remained constant is change itself. Thankfully, the team at Orange Peel Productions thrives on this and has had more than a decade of experience growing with the web.

Websites have become the main driver for businesses in the modern economy. Sophisticated ad campaigns, integrated social networking, robust e-commerce solutions and a major shift toward video/flash integration has changed how businesses utilize the web.

Our creative team can help your company keep up with these rapidly changing times.

To learn more about our Online Services, contact us at or call us at 419.578.7255.

The team at Orange Peel Productions recently helped give the web site a new face-lift and helped streamline the site navigation and content for a clean look and postive web experience.

Online Services:

• Award-Winning Creative & Technical Team

• Extensive Online Expertise, Including:
    - Art Direction
    - Copywriting
    - Branding/Identity
    - Graphic Design
    - Flash Animation
    - Flash Video Deployment
    - Advanced Interface Design (Wordpress, Jquery)

• Extensive Technical Services, Including:
    - Standard Programming (HTML, CSS, XHTML)
    - Advanced Programming (PHP, Jquery)
    - Database Programming (MySQL)
    - Custom Flash Programming and Development
    - Open Source Content Management Solutions
    - E-Commerce Functionality
    - SCORM-Compliant Training Modules

• Web Hosting, Including:
    - Domain Regstration/Renewal
    - Website Transfer and Forwarding
    - E-mail Setup & Configuration
    - Database Setup & Configuration