High-end Interactive Applications To Enhance Your Message

Sometimes the best way to share your ideas with clients and prospects is to utilize high-end interactive applications, including CD-Rom, DVD and even desktop-based solutions - offering signifcant advantages over the web.

Orange Peel Productions has been creating unique interactive applications dating back to 2000, combining Flash, video, and web technologies. Since then, interactive applications have become a great way to extend the reach of the web. Show handouts, leave behinds and custom presentations are just a few examples of common interactive applications.

To learn more about our Interactive Application Services, contact us at info@orangepeelproductions.com or call us at 419.578.7255.

Data Monitoring. Orange Peel Productions helped develop a data monitoring application that uses Flash to display information from a database.

Interactive Application Services:

• Award-Winning Creative & Technical Team

• Custom Interactive CD-Rom/DVD Applications

• Extensive Creative Services, Including:
    - Art Direction
    - Copywriting
    - Branding/Identity
    - Graphic Design
    - Video Editing
    - 2D/3D Animation

• Extensive Technical Services, Including:
    - Adobe Flash Development
    - Adobe Director
    - DVD Authoring
    - Kiosk Touchscreen-Based Applications
    - Database Integration
    - Drag & Drop Functionality
    - Interactive Game Development