Enhance Your Next Project With Our Award-Winning Animation

Animation is everywhere. On television, in movies, in video games, and all over the Internet. There are many reasons to use animation in your projects. If not for any other reason, it adds motion to an otherwise still medium and the human eye responds very well to objects in motion.

Orange Peel Productions works with a team of highly-skilled animators to bring ideas to life. From the initial pencil sketch to the final rendered animation complete with textures, lights, voice track, and music bed, we help deliver top-notch sequences that engage and motivate your target audience.

View examples of our animation capabilities in our recently updated portfolio.

3D Animation. This animation features a camera fly-over to showcase a product line.

Animation Services:

• 2D Animation
    - Logos
    - Text on screen
    - Lower-third keys
    - Presentation enhancement

• 3D Character Animation
    - Modeling
    - Texturing
    - Lighting
    - Rendering

• 3D Technical Animation
    - Product Visualization
    - Process Visualization
    - Technical Animation
    - Rendering

• Extensive Pre-Production Services, Including:
    - Scriptwriting
    - Art Direction (story boarding, concept creation)
    - Production planning & scheduling
    - Talent Scouting (Voice-over Narration)

• Extensive Production Services, Including:
    - Green-screen integration
    - Compositing