Production Companies: Comparing Oranges to Oranges
  Our approach to growing Orange Peel Productions over the years has been very effective," explained founder Ryan Mininger. "And that is by asking ourselves a very simple question: 'Would we do this type of work for ourselves?' If the answer is 'yes', then we get after it with everything we have. But there have been many times where we have answered 'no' to this question - and that is what has made all the difference." Started in 2001 by Ryan Mininger, the company has followed this creed for more than a decade.

Although it began as primarily an animation and interactive boutique, Orange Peel Productions has matured into a full-service multimedia firm. High-end corporate video productions are what the company is best known for but its interactive teams have also produced numerous award-winning web experiences and interactive applications for many Fortune 500 firms over the years.
Orange Peel Productions is now located in Toledo's West Side. Occassionally referred to as a boutique, the company's vast experience has extended its reach around the country with work being included on programs on the National Geographic Channel and the History Channel.

"It's not how many people you have," stated Ryan. "It's how many great people you have on your team. We work with a world-class team at Orange Peel Productions that is genuinely committed to excellence. This fundamental approach is why we have been able to produce work that rivals huge agencies for a fraction of the cost. Clients know when they hire us they are hiring a great team."